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Judith A. Curtin Au. D. CCC A/SLP- Dr. Curtin is an ASHA certified audiologist and speech pathologist. She has practiced aural habilitation/re-habilitation audiology for over 30 years.

She is known as an innovator in her field being one of the first to implement a comprehensive, integrative audiology program focused on training the older person to ensure maximum benefit from the hearing aids and to develop listening strategies.

She was the first in Philadelphia to work with the team from Manhattan Eye And Ear Institute on the habilitation of cochlear implants in children who were born deaf.

She understands that “no man is an island”. When a client is brought into our office, the client is treated, the family is supported, the community and/or school where the client lives/works is offered training and workshops. At the state and national level, she shares her knowledge organizing educational courses. For legal issues she has been involved either lobbying for legislative change or advocacy work.

Her training, research, and publications are known locally, nationally and internationally. She has been recognized for her extensive continuing education by the American Academy of Audiology earning the “Scholar” award for 2003-4 and by the American Speech and Language Association with the distinguished ACE awards for two consecutive years, 2004 and 2005.

She currently is an instructor at West Chester University and Hearing Clinic Coordinator. She guests lectures at other similar institutions. She will serve as Chair for Hearing and Hearing Disorders in Childhood for the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association until 2009.

Francis H. Curtin BSEE - Mr. Curtin has over 25 years of electronic and software engineering with extensive experience in specification, design and verification of electronic systems.

He is a licensed hearing care specialist in the state of Pennsylvania.

With his in depth knowledge of hardware and software engineering, Mr. Curtin evaluates and affirms the technologies of hearing aids and assistive listening devices as they evolve and are made available.

Mr. Curtin ensures our clients are offered the best in technologies across the spectrum of features and affordability.